Vulnerability in the Oracle Outside In Technology component of Oracle Fusion Middleware (subcomponent: Outside In Filters). Supported versions that are affected are 8.5.3 and 8.5.4. Easily exploitable vulnerability allows unauthenticated attacker with network access via HTTP to compromise Oracle Outside In Technology.
Successful attacks of this vulnerability can result in unauthorized update, insert or delete access to some of Oracle Outside In Technology accessible data as well as unauthorized read access to a subset of Oracle Outside In Technology accessible data and unauthorized ability to cause a partial denial of service (partial DOS) of Oracle Outside In Technology.

Crash Dump:


sccdu.dll + 0x3115C (id: 73f, no function symbol available)
sccdu.dll + 0x3B621 (id: 696, no function symbol available)


eax   = 0x48FB4F40	xmm0  =                 0x4086800000000000
ebx   = 0x1CDC8454	xmm1  =                 0x402F000000000000
ecx   =    0x1F930	xmm2  =                 0x4096800000000000
edx   =      0xFA6	xmm3  =                 0x40D5180000000000
esi   = 0x3A0A4DC8	xmm4  =                                0x0
edi   =        0x3	xmm5  =                                0x0
esp   =   0xB3D728	xmm6  =                 0x4096800000000000
ebp   =   0xB3D830	xmm7  =                                0x0

Disassembly of stack frame 1 at sccdu.dll + 0x3115C

57fa1088 	8bf0	mov esi,eax
57fa108a 	89442410	mov dword ptr [esp+10h],eax
57fa108e 	f3a5	rep movs dword ptr es:[edi],dword ptr [esi]
57fa1090 	8b402c	mov eax,dword ptr [eax+2Ch]
57fa1093 	83f803	cmp eax,3
57fa1096 	7431	je sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7989 (57fa10c9)
57fa1098 	83f802	cmp eax,2
57fa109b 	742c	je sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7989 (57fa10c9)
57fa109d 	8b74240c	mov esi,dword ptr [esp+0Ch]
57fa10a1 	56	push esi
57fa10a2 	53	push ebx
57fa10a3 	e8b89cffff	call sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x1620 (57f9ad60)
57fa10a8 	8b4d10	mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp+10h]
57fa10ab 	83c408	add esp,8
57fa10ae 	8b09	mov ecx,dword ptr [ecx]
57fa10b0 	8b4910	mov ecx,dword ptr [ecx+10h]
57fa10b3 	8b4968	mov ecx,dword ptr [ecx+68h]
57fa10b6 	2bc8	sub ecx,eax
57fa10b8 	8b06	mov eax,dword ptr [esi]
57fa10ba 	894c2414	mov dword ptr [esp+14h],ecx
57fa10be 	8b400c	mov eax,dword ptr [eax+0Ch]
57fa10c1 	8b8814010000	mov ecx,dword ptr [eax+114h]
57fa10c7 	eb14	jmp sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x799d (57fa10dd)
57fa10c9 	8b74240c	mov esi,dword ptr [esp+0Ch]
57fa10cd 	56	push esi
57fa10ce 	53	push ebx
57fa10cf 	e81c9cffff	call sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x15b0 (57f9acf0)
57fa10d4 	8bc8	mov ecx,eax
57fa10d6 	83c408	add esp,8
57fa10d9 	8b442410	mov eax,dword ptr [esp+10h]
57fa10dd 	0fb7b83c010000	movzx edi,word ptr [eax+13Ch]
57fa10e4 	0fb7903a010000	movzx edx,word ptr [eax+13Ah]
57fa10eb 	8b842484000000	mov eax,dword ptr [esp+84h]
57fa10f2 	250000ffff	and eax,0FFFF0000h
57fa10f7 	897c2410	mov dword ptr [esp+10h],edi
57fa10fb 	3d00000300	cmp eax,30000h
57fa1100 	7576	jne sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a38 (57fa1178)
57fa1102 	8b442414	mov eax,dword ptr [esp+14h]
57fa1106 	3bc1	cmp eax,ecx
57fa1108 	0f8ecd000000	jle sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a9b (57fa11db)
57fa110e 	2bc1	sub eax,ecx
57fa1110 	89442418	mov dword ptr [esp+18h],eax
57fa1114 	85c0	test eax,eax
57fa1116 	0f8ebf000000	jle sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a9b (57fa11db)
57fa111c 	b9ffff0000	mov ecx,0FFFFh
57fa1121 	663bd1	cmp dx,cx
57fa1124 	7444	je sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a2a (57fa116a)
57fa1126 	663bf9	cmp di,cx
57fa1129 	743f	je sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a2a (57fa116a)
57fa112b 	8bca	mov ecx,edx
57fa112d 	0fb7ff	movzx edi,di
57fa1130 	894c2410	mov dword ptr [esp+10h],ecx
57fa1134 	3bcf	cmp ecx,edi
57fa1136 	7732	ja sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a2a (57fa116a)
57fa1138 	2b7c2410	sub edi,dword ptr [esp+10h]
57fa113c 	99	cdq
57fa113d 	2bc2	sub eax,edx
57fa113f 	69c9d8010000	imul ecx,ecx,1D8h
57fa1145 	8bd0	mov edx,eax
57fa1147 	d1fa	sar edx,1
57fa1149 	47	inc edi
57fa114a 	8d9b00000000	lea ebx,[ebx]
57fa1150 	8b8360010000	mov eax,dword ptr [ebx+160h]
57fa1156 	8d89d8010000	lea ecx,[ecx+1D8h]
57fa115c 	01940160feffff	add dword ptr [ecx+eax-1A0h],edx // current instruction
57fa1163 	4f	dec edi
57fa1164 	75ea	jne sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a10 (57fa1150)
57fa1166 	8b442418	mov eax,dword ptr [esp+18h]
57fa116a 	837e0800	cmp dword ptr [esi+8],0
57fa116e 	746b	je sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a9b (57fa11db)
57fa1170 	99	cdq
57fa1171 	2bc2	sub eax,edx
57fa1173 	d1f8	sar eax,1
57fa1175 	50	push eax
57fa1176 	eb59	jmp sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a91 (57fa11d1)
57fa1178 	3d00000200	cmp eax,20000h
57fa117d 	755c	jne sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a9b (57fa11db)
57fa117f 	8b442414	mov eax,dword ptr [esp+14h]
57fa1183 	3bc1	cmp eax,ecx
57fa1185 	7e54	jle sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a9b (57fa11db)
57fa1187 	8bf8	mov edi,eax
57fa1189 	2bf9	sub edi,ecx
57fa118b 	85ff	test edi,edi
57fa118d 	7e4c	jle sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a9b (57fa11db)
57fa118f 	b9ffff0000	mov ecx,0FFFFh
57fa1194 	663bd1	cmp dx,cx
57fa1197 	7431	je sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a8a (57fa11ca)
57fa1199 	8b442410	mov eax,dword ptr [esp+10h]
57fa119d 	663bc1	cmp ax,cx
57fa11a0 	7428	je sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a8a (57fa11ca)
57fa11a2 	0fb7c8	movzx ecx,ax
57fa11a5 	8bc2	mov eax,edx
57fa11a7 	3bc1	cmp eax,ecx
57fa11a9 	771f	ja sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a8a (57fa11ca)
57fa11ab 	2bc8	sub ecx,eax
57fa11ad 	69d0d8010000	imul edx,eax,1D8h
57fa11b3 	41	inc ecx
57fa11b4 	8b8360010000	mov eax,dword ptr [ebx+160h]
57fa11ba 	8d92d8010000	lea edx,[edx+1D8h]
57fa11c0 	01bc0260feffff	add dword ptr [edx+eax-1A0h],edi
57fa11c7 	49	dec ecx
57fa11c8 	75ea	jne sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a74 (57fa11b4)
57fa11ca 	837e0800	cmp dword ptr [esi+8],0
57fa11ce 	740b	je sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7a9b (57fa11db)
57fa11d0 	57	push edi
57fa11d1 	56	push esi
57fa11d2 	53	push ebx
57fa11d3 	e8c84afeff	call sccdu!OIFreeFrame+0x3540 (57f85ca0)
57fa11d8 	83c40c	add esp,0Ch
57fa11db 	8b760c	mov esi,dword ptr [esi+0Ch]
57fa11de 	8974240c	mov dword ptr [esp+0Ch],esi
57fa11e2 	85f6	test esi,esi
57fa11e4 	0f8556feffff	jne sccdu!EmbeddedDUCreateFrameEx+0x7900 (57fa1040)
57fa11ea 	5f	pop edi